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 The Currency of the site

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Kuro Ganki
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PostSubject: The Currency of the site   Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:51 pm

Everything cost something, no matter where you are. So, the currency that is used in this Roleplay site is simply called, points.

Points: Points are used to buy weapons, armor, supplies, etc. They can even be used to buy certain areas, if the controller of the area wishes to choose so. So by all means, spend your points on what every you like IC. One more time, IC

How do you gain points? You gain points by simply Roleplaying here in a topic. For each 100 words you type, you get a point. Also, you automatically get 10 points if you type more than 2000 words in a single topic, on top of the 100 word rule.
For example: Jane typed a 2200 word topic. Her current reward would be 22 points for the 2200 she typed, plus 10 more points for reaching the 2000 word mark. Jane's total amount of points that she would be awarded, would be 32 points.

Points can even be given to other players in IC, but the only rule against this is that points cannot be transfered between two Characters that belong to the same person, in any way what so ever. Please do not try and beat the system, or the system will beat you back (21).
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The Currency of the site
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