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 Absolute Perfection~ Psychosis' Geass

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Commoner TCF
Commoner TCF

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PostSubject: Absolute Perfection~ Psychosis' Geass   Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:08 pm

Restricted Version
Geass Name: Absolute Mastery
Geass ability: The power of absolute control manifests in the left eye. The entire purpose of the geass is the ability to allow the user to control themselves completely. In its restricted version, they are only capable of changing their brain's functions, controlling it, and using it to enhance their thinking capabilities, memory, or even their own senses.

Limitations/Restrictions: Cannot be used on others, sacrifices one part of the brain's function, IE, Vision, hearing, etc, for the enhancement of another.
Weakness Absolute control cannot be used in this form to change physical things, only the mental "rewiring" of the brain and nervous system.

Perfect Version

Geass Name: Absolute Perfection
Geass ability: This manifests like all other perfect versions, in both eyes. Along with a stronger version of the restricted version, the perfect version allows the user to change their physical body as well as their nervous system, though these changes can take time to take effect, they are permanent, but can be reversed through either reusing the geass, or surgery. The user can change the very purpose of their own cells. When a user attains this form of the geass, they cannot lose it by overuse, due to it only effecting the user themselves.

Limitations/Restrictions: The user can only change things about them that would be possible, IE no growing muscles instantly, they must have protein, and take time.
Weakness Absolute Self-Control can only effect the user.
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Kuro Ganki

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PostSubject: Re: Absolute Perfection~ Psychosis' Geass   Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:31 pm

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Absolute Perfection~ Psychosis' Geass
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