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 The Madman

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PostSubject: The Madman   Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:04 pm

Character Profile

Name: Kuro Shikyo
Date of Birth: 3/14
Age: 19

Your Roleplay class: Royalty

Nation: China
Nightmare Frame: -

Personality: Kuro had a thirst for knowledge, even as a child. He absorbed any knowledge he could, and often came to seperate conclusions with that knowledge, often outwitting people thrice his age. He has been hailed a genius since his birth. Thanks to his... odd life, Kuro has a strange moral view, allowing him to see from another person's point of view, and to be, for the most part, unbiased in decision making. He has a strange memory. He often forgets random things, but can also often recall random things from long ago. Although he has a somewhat bad memory, Kuro does not lose knowledge itself, but the memories of how he came unto the knowledge sometimes disappear. Kuro, when not in his armor, is a laidback, perverted, and joking individual, with his armor, he becomes cold, ruthless, slightly psychotic, and adopts a partial sociopathy, meaning he will only save someone if it benefits him, or his allies. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a split personality, but rather a mask of indifference to cope with the atrocities that Kuro has witnessed. Kuro is incredibly gift with inventing items, particularly difficult ones. Kuro is strange in the fact that essentially, he feels whatever he wishes to. If he wants to be happy, he becomes happy. The only emotion that he does not have full control of is his anger. Kuro often does things for either no reason, or because he is bored, usually the latter.
Likes/Dislikes: Pizza, Loopholes, Power, intelligence, money/Parties, Discrimination of any kind, stupidity, both his families
Family relatives: Any China Royals (In law relation)

History of your Character:
Kuro was born as a very high class noble in Japan, before it was conquered. He was raised to speak each language, chinese, and english, as his father was paranoid whether either would take over. Funny how that turned out. Kuro always had an intense interest in science and other studies. He grew up as a bright genius, breaking records of previous people by half. He graduated high school at a very young age. Unfortunately, he was eventually married off to a chinese princess, who had a crush on him due to his intelligence and skills.

At first, the marriage had been rocky and filled with problems, but eventually Kuro warmed up to his wife, Mae. A few years later, they were perfectly happy with each other, so they stayed together. Mae was a master of martial arts, meanwhile Kuro was rather... sloppy. He wasnt weak exactly, but he had no style. Even with her trying to teach him, he couldnt understand it. He could do simple moves, but where he truly excelled was instant thinking, where he came up with ideas on the fly during fights. It saved them both once when they had gone out. Kuro eventually fell in love with Mae too.

As all good things must end, Mae died later from a jealous sibling, who was then killed by Kuro. He had been there when she died. He had little to live for, and was nearing suicide, when he met the immortal. The immortal was the one who gave him geass, Kuro never asked for his real name, not caring at the time. He had been offered a chance for revenge, and he would by all means take it.

After Mae's death, Kuro began using his geass to think of ways to persuade the other royals that he was useful. Considering how intelligent he was before, it was no trouble to convince them. He was named first prince, to the ire of many of his sibling-in-laws. He currently travels the world, and is looking for a crew to start the army he wants. Still hasnt thought of a name for it though.
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Kuro Ganki

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PostSubject: Re: The Madman   Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:18 pm

Well, everything is good until the last part.

As for geass goes, i will make an IC contractor that will give out the geass of everyone's choice. But for now, i will allow this until i make the character.

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The Madman
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