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 The Breakout

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The Wanted Criminal (TEK)
The Wanted Criminal (TEK)

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PostSubject: The Breakout    Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:47 pm

The cell's low ceilings would drip with dirty water, with the howls of many echoing through the tight hallways. The uneven concrete floor would eat at everyone's feet per step, gnawing at it like maggots. The 4x4 cell seemed so much bigger in the text book, it just goes to show you how rotten 3rd had information truly is. The beds weren’t all that good either, seeing how they look like the same wooden boards that you see at the saw mills, even the pillows had no greater diemention. But the one thing that stood out the most in this hell hole, was the low lit lights, seeing was next to impossible. Many of the prisoners would lose their ability to walk in ten years, to avoid the risk of knocking their heads against the ceilings, the low ceilings. Their skin's pigment would go away as well; turning them into blind zombies, lost bats, the names could go on and on. The Inmate that would think about this would casually lay on top of his billboard bed, plotting his escape immediately after his arrive her, his stay here was not on his agenda.

Ladazar was his name, the same ladazar that started out as an innocent boy, that was placed onto the streets due to the invasion of The Chinese Federation, made a butler by the wanting Shi Quan, to excel through the ranks of high modern society, to only be placed back into his previous position, Ironic isn’t it? Ladazar layed their, fumbling through his fingers as he coughed on his bright orange jumpsuit once in awhile, the atmosphere was unfamiliar to him, but would soon be a distance memory, very soon. As he sat in his shoebox apartment, he would then see a glimmer of light that would be coming from the left of his cell. The rattling of the cart would match the sound of nails scratching a chalkboard. "The bed checker", said the man as he would continue to eye the oncoming light, like a moth to a flame. But he was not alone, the many other inmates would awe, and even howl at the light since they could rarely see it, bed check came only once week. At first, once every week wouldn’t seem like a long time, but the more time Ladazar remained here, the longer the days grew; it would drive even the most educated men in the world rabid, reverting them back into their true forms. Ladazar had a plan though, a plan that would get him out of here before that process can begin.

Before the warden could reach Ladazar's cell, Ladazar had already finished his first step in his plan. The fumbling of his fingers were actually continuous scratch marks in the same spot, making that section of his hand more easily prone to bleeding. Once he quickly rubbed the tender spot of his back hand, he could feel the warm blood ooze out of the opening, with a mild headache to go along with it. He couldn't see the blood due to his current condition, but he knew the time was right; a simple possum trick was all he could manage to conjure. With all of his stored strength, he fell face first to the bared door, causing a slight bruise on his right side of his face. But that wasnt important to him, what was important was the guard catching the glimpse of Ladazar's back hand that he forced under the door's tight space. He would then feel the weight of the cart roll over his injured hand, however, he tried his best not to move it since he was taking on the appearance of being dead, death by suicide. He then heard slight mumbling from the warden; it would be too hard for his to make out the words due to the rest of the inmates' ruckus. He felt the cart roll on his hand again, but at a faster pace. He then moved his other hand into his mouth, biting his knuckle until it eventually bleed, in order to keep himself from making any noise, or more importantly, making and movement with his injured hand. Then, noise of clarity would ring through his ears as he heard the jingle of keys, making its way through the key hole of the door. Ladazar then moved his legs in closer, away from the walls as he lifted himself up, while keeping his had beneath the door steady. Ladazar was now in a running start position. The warden finally found the right key, pushing it into the lock to unlock the door, once Ladazar heard the hinge unlock, part two of his plan begun. The warden would feel a jolt from the door as he would now see a man un barred man from the other side of the door.

He would stare into the warden’s eyes, with the help of the flames, glaring onto him with assurance that he would be a free man, today. Ladazar would quickly grab hold of the man with his hands secured onto the warden’s shirt. He then kneed him in the face as he brought him down at the right angle, they would struggle and cry, but it was useless under the many cries and screams of the inmates. Once he dropped the warden down to his backside, he would then proceed to punching him in the face, continuously, until Ladazar was sure that the warden was knocked out. Once that was settled, he lifted the warden onto the bed with his blood knuckles, facing him to the wall to make him look like Ladazar himself. Ladazar then preceded outside the cell, locking the door with the wardens set of keys. He would then push the cart the same way the previous warden came from, only to ditch the cart when he would see an opening.

Ladazar made his way down the corridor, searching for the same entrance that he was brought in. With the help of the flame that dangled over the cart by a noose, he could find his way out for sure. Ladazar then saw a wooden barred door ahead, he would stop the cart to wear he would position it so that the flame of light would lit the area. Looking at it, he would feel upon the wooden bars with his hands, feeling it so that he could rip the bars of wood away from the door. He then did so one by one, removing the wood so that the door would be free to swing open. Once he removed the last piece of wood, he slowly opened the door, letting in the light that seemed to mimic the presence of God himself. He would see the free world the was open to him, at last, Ladazar was free.

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Kuro Ganki

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PostSubject: Re: The Breakout    Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:17 pm

approved my good man.

Also, put your word count in as well so the next time I can give you your GP.
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The Breakout
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