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 The Transportation plans

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The Wanted Criminal (TEK)
The Wanted Criminal (TEK)

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The Transportation plans  Empty
PostSubject: The Transportation plans    The Transportation plans  EmptyMon Jan 28, 2013 9:08 am

The lone ex con had abandoned his orange jumpsuit, for he would attract to much unwanted attention with it. His plans would be uncertain though, whether he should make his way back to the mansion where he could get revenge for what Quan had done to him, but that would only cause more problems for him. Marching back to the mansion would only prompt Quan to call the guards once more, if he should fail to succeed.

Ladazar was currently sitting next to a cafe, with a pair of dark sunglasses. He would be covered in a long black trench coat, a pair of tattered blue jeans, and a pair of black shoes that had on scrap mark on the left pair. The bench that he was on was old, but managed to hold his wait. His black hair would swing side to side as he moved his head. The unknowingly citizens would be passing a escaped criminal. "Where do I begin? Maybe I should see a few girls to pass the time... No, that would only increase my chances of getting caught by all that attention." He was at a lost now, not knowing what to do. He would need some sort of way of getting out of this area, without getting caught.

All of the sudden, ladazar had come up with an idea. "What i need, is some sort of transportation. Maybe I could sneak into a train or plane, become a stowaway." Ladazar could not think of anything else that he could do, what was needed now was a way to escape this section at any cost. Once Ladazar had gotten himself situated and gather the necessary needs to pick himself up, he would then make his way back to the mansion, where he could get his revenge against Shi Quan.

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The Transportation plans
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