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 Kasumi Hiõ

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Royalty of The European Kingdom
Royalty of The European Kingdom

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PostSubject: Kasumi Hiõ   Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:07 pm

Character Profile

Name: Kasumi Hiõ
Date of Birth: 21st of January
Age: 23
Appearance: Around 1.65m in height, with a weight of 55kg and a rather pale skin, Kasumi wouldn’t be quite unordinary. But her white hair, with the silver shine in it, together with her bright pink eyes makes her rather noticeable.


Your Roleplay class: Royalty
Nation: European Kingdom
Nightmare Frame: N/A

Personality:Sly, seductive and very proud is what makes Kasumi the way she is. She won’t back down from a challenge, neither will she rest until she’s sure that she’ll able to handle it. Finding it embarrassing to ask for help, Kasumi always manages to do things on her own. She does it the way she likes and if someone crosses her path she will be relentless unless a very good reason is given to her. There are only a few people she would ever listen to; they are the ones she respects the most and will be loyal to unless feeling like betrayed. Normally she won’t try to provoke anyone, with the exception of boredom. Sometimes she finds it interesting to play games, manipulating others to see how it all turns out. A bad trait of her is that she can’t let go of things, and will go as far as seeking revenge without hesitation.

Likes/Dislikes: From a rather young age she disliked noisy and childish people, she sort of hates noise in general, preferring to be in a quiet place. She likes to be outside at night, disliking light, which could be a reason for her pale skin and somewhat outgoing party behavior, seeing as royalty shouldn’t behave like that. She loves cats and pizza; she also has a weakness for liquor from time to time, which she hides very well.

Family relatives: All the other royal members..

History of your Character:

Having been born into the royal family, Kasumi never had any financial issues. Hence since an early age her days were filled with learning and training. Old masters in martial arts were brought from overseas to teach her all she had to know in order to be able to survive a life-threatening situation if her guards shouldn’t be able to make it. Not only for that though. Kasumi was growing up, in line for the throne, and would become a commander soon. Luckily her mind wasn’t leaving her behind and she was a quite good tactician as well. The older she got the quicker she was getting bored of it. Her marks were still remarkable, her trainings were over and she just had to keep her in good condition which wasn’t an issue. Because of that the young female started to sneak out to see more of the street life. A few close friends made sure she had the time of her life without being noticed too quickly. By now Kasumi had grown up enough to take an active role in the governance and was giving out the commands inside the military field. This last thing made her quite powerful, because the army was guarding her back. Slowly but certainly she was becoming the head and the face of the family, taking over the throne from her rather weakened father.

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Simon Altrue
The Immortal
The Immortal

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PostSubject: Re: Kasumi Hiõ   Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:35 am

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Kasumi Hiõ
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