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 Lavaris Vicaro

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Lavaris Vicaro
Soldier of The European Kingdom
Soldier of The European Kingdom
Lavaris Vicaro

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PostSubject: Lavaris Vicaro    Sun May 26, 2013 8:05 pm

Character Profile

Name: Lavaris Vicaro
Date of Birth: March 23
Age: 20

Lavaris is 6'1, with a slim v figure. Due to his military training, he also gained muscular features as well. His skin is fair, his eyes a haze blue color, and light brown hair. He is normally seen wearing military attire, down to the boots.

Your Roleplay class: Soldier
Nation: European Kingdom
Nightmare Frame: Glasgow


Lavaris is a very loyal and cautious person, hence the reason why he was pushed to b become a soldier of the European Kingdom. He follows orders without fail, some used to call him the robot during his time in boot camp. His replies are normally no longer than three or four words, hence his nickname. From birth he was like this, the reason he is like this is really due to his environment at home. His strict parents raised and fortified this mentality till Lavaris modeled that of a soldier.

He also tends to display lack of emotions, which made his nickname more suiting for him. It is almost as if he truly was a robot, following orders without question, followed by a empty face. Due to this, he rarely had an friends back in school, due to this abnormal behavior for a child his age, this behavior was with him since the first grade.

Though he described as a cold heartless robot, really he is misunderstood, within the labeled cold hearted Lavaris lays a concerning heart. The real reason why he follows orders without question is because he cares for his people, he would rather do everything himself instead of others having to do it. With that, his flaw is revealed. Yes Lavaris follows orders without question, but if others would attempt complete his task, say a teammate, a sort of jealous impulse would engulf his mind. This single flaw tends to cause Lavaris to make mistakes and false judgments during his missions.

In the end Lavaris is as loyal as a hound dog, serving his higher ups without question.

Likes: Orders, Nightmares, and serving his commanders.
Dislikes: teammates doing his job, looked down upon, or doubted

Family relatives: None currently.

History of your Character:

Lavaris is from the European Kingdom, or more specifically, London. There he graduated from boot camp with a few rewards, as well as the nickname Robot. He earned that nickname because of his stunning personality that exactly reflexes an actual robot. Once he graduated, he took time off to spend time with his family, however that was shortly lived. By the time he reached to his family's house, he was only greeted with notice that both his parents died on a infiltration mission. Both his parents were in the army, rarely at times he would get to see them. His father was a stunning general for the European kingdom, with his wife as a medic that had stunning capabilities.

After this tragic event, Lavaris sold off the family estate and all of its assets, only to move in to one of the military base living quarters. Thought he was described as an emotionless robot, Lavaris truly wept after the events, till finally he finally found the strength tom move on with his live.

For now, Lavaris lives on the military base, taking on orders that he receives from central command.
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Kuro Ganki
Kuro Ganki

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PostSubject: Re: Lavaris Vicaro    Wed May 29, 2013 7:24 pm

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Lavaris Vicaro
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