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 Yggdrasil Drive

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Kuro Ganki
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Yggdrasil Drive  Empty
PostSubject: Yggdrasil Drive    Yggdrasil Drive  EmptyMon May 27, 2013 12:45 pm

Name: Yggdrasil Drive
Type of item: Equipment
Yggdrasil Drive  266857-drive_4_super

Its functions:
The Yggdrasil Drive is what powers the Nightmare frame, with out this drive the Nightmare could not possibly function. How it wordks is that the small cube of sakuradite floats at the center of the drive, surrondded with a purple fluid. Also, there are 4 iron prods that extend out, pointing towrads the center cube without contact. When the Nightmare is activated, the cube is then spun around rapidly, rotating at fast speeds. This ends power throught the suit, allowing it to functions according to the piolts commands.

The drive's location is not canonly known, however on this site the drive is located in the torso area, right below the user's cockpit.
How Much it cost: 10 Geass Points
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Yggdrasil Drive
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