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 Energy Filler

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Energy Filler Empty
PostSubject: Energy Filler   Energy Filler EmptyMon May 27, 2013 12:55 pm

Name: Energy Filler
Type of item: Equipment
Energy Filler 320px-Energy_Filler_-_out

Its functions: The Yggdrasil Drive is however not an unlimited source of energy, which it why it requires a battery. The amount of time a Nightmare Frame can function depends on the type of energy filler. This basic Energy filler gives a Nightmare Five post of operation time, before needing another battery.

All Nightmares have a backup power supply that last for one post, when the battery is removed. The location of the battery outlet is up to the pilot, once you pick the spot it cannot change. During this time the user can change the battery via Nightmare, it has to be that post. Thsi action does leave a pilot open to an attack, a maximum of two batteries can be carried on a Nightmare, one per hip.
How Much it cost: 10 Geass Points each
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Energy Filler
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