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 The Rules of The Site

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Kuro Ganki
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PostSubject: The Rules of The Site   Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:10 pm

The General Rules to this Site

1/ Each Member can have more than one account, however, the suggested limit would be 3 or 4. There is not a set limit, but it would help not to have so many dummy accounts to confuse the acutal amount of people acually roleplaying on the site.

2/ No Godmoding: Godmoding is when you take control of another players character and do not give them a chance to counter. The rules for Geass abilities are slightly different.

3/ You must type in character [IC] at all times in the IC boards. If you want to say something out of character, [OOC: your out of character statement here], to avoid confusion.

4/ For our younger members sake, keep it clean, certain curse words are allowed. There is a way to say curse words in a friendly way, and then there is the bad way.

5/ Use correct grammar and punctuation, IC. The Chat box is a whole other thing.

6/ Be respectful of your Admins, Mods, and other members, remember the golden rule plz.

7/ Do not post one sentence in a post while roleplaying, its lazy, and quite frankly, its rude.

8/ This forum will not be based on stats, but acutal roleplay. That means if you get shot in the head, you are dead, no matter how many stats you have.

9/ And finally, the most important rule of them all. The setting takes place on planet Earth, the world where shit happens. Your character is basically at risk all the time--that's life. If you die in a topic, well... shit happens lol. However, if you do plan to kill someone, you must have a reason to attempt to kill them. Being crazy does not give you the green light either, because every site that i go to it seems that be crazy is contagious, so being crazy is out of the question.

This last rule is in place so that it could encourage others to think before they type. Calling someone a bad word will not protect you from a strong deck to the face. However, be mindful to people would place a no kill tag on the their topic, because they just want to have fun. So Please try and not be a jerk to someone who just wants to play, you know what I mean.
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The Rules of The Site
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