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 Hooray For Ejection

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Soldier of Britannina
Soldier of Britannina

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PostSubject: Hooray For Ejection   Hooray For Ejection EmptyMon Mar 24, 2014 10:25 pm

Today, Rathe Umbrus felt confident in his abilities. Sure, he was a low level soldier, but he was as ambitious as any nobility, and even more devious and intelligent. He was definitely more intelligent than those pathetic Elevens who lived in their broken-down Area. How sad, that the Britannians should have to care for that primitive race, who dared still call themselves "Japanese" in secret. His dream was to crush them in their rebellion, and reduce them to the slaves that they should be. Why the higher-ups were being so merciful and lenient toward them, he could not possibly imagine.

As he went out onto the knightmare driving practice grounds, he wondered if anyone would be there. It looked like he was early enough to be the first on at the grounds. Well, that was good, it gave him plenty of free, open space. He boarded his sutherland, and switched it on. "Practice mode. Pilot in place; Sutherland, launch." He pushed on the throttles, and the knightmare shot out onto the practice field. Ah, what a wonderful feeling, to be able to go at such high speeds without suffering g-force effects or having your hair whip back in an annoying fashion.

In addition, he was skilled with basic piloting to the point where, when he drove one of these fabulous mechanisms, the ride was pretty smooth rather than jerky and uncontrollable. This meant that he was now adept with this kind of skill, and he felt ready for the challenges appeared ahead, especially for the pesky area people, who defied the efforts of the motherland to civilize them. "Landspinnners, deploy". And with that, he was off. It was almost like skating, with a few different mechanisms, and a comfortable seat. Essentially, you could enjoy the benefits of landspinning without actually being outside of a cockpit.

Now, time for target practice. A couple of stationary targets popped up, and Rathe prepared to fire his slash harkens, the weapons which had pretty much won the war between Britannia and Area Eleven. As the targets came up, he opened his factsphere sensor, targeting them. Rat-tat-tat, the gun rang out, and the targets fell. Rathe had hit these while moving laterally, moving on to the moving targets course. This was becoming easier and easier for him, and sooner or later, he would have to get a nice, dandy promotion for his skill and efforts. For Britannia!

Now, to the wide outdoors for ejection practice. The large opening revealed the blue sky of the motherland. Oh, he always hated this part. He moved outside, and reluctantly aligned the Knightmare in textbook ejection position. Time to go, huh. He pulled the lever, and WHOOF! He was up and away! Ugh, he should never have to do this in a realistic battle. So weird and stupid, to be flying through the air without a float system, knowing very well that you would land in shame and dishonor. Well, it looked like he was done for the day, time to get some sleep.

[WC 504, requesting 5 GP and dat rank-up pl0x]
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Hooray For Ejection
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