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Hail Britannina. Hail Britannina.” ~A large crowd chants.~ “I know you other nations aren't going to take that.” ~Admin says~ “Glory to the Chinese Federation. Long live the European Kingdom” ~More chants occur.~ “Dance puppets dance.” ~A war ensues between the three superpowers.~ “I know you want to be part of this so join...ooh someone got shot. Got to go see you on the chat

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 The Borrowed Help

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The Wanted Criminal (TEK)
The Wanted Criminal (TEK)

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PostSubject: The Borrowed Help   The Borrowed Help EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 10:19 pm

The hellish flames seemed to touch the heavens itself, the heat of it pressing against all who gazed upon its fiery image. Shouts and order were given to all in uniform, the green clothed men march, well, more of a run then single file. This was due to the fact that this was no ordinary drill.

Within the smoke, the grey heavy smoke that continued to spread among the area, the sound of their destruction awoke. Its green jewel lit, like a lighthouse, the focused beam scanned the area, piercing through the smoke. All who bore witness to this simply stood, awing at the now hovering craft. Its wings articulated, as the high powered beam now focused on the group of men. It was there time it had seemed, the sound of its jet like engines echoed through the area of destruction. It head towards its former owners, like a warrior itself, it reaches for its own weapon. While, at the same time, its form was bombarded with oncoming fire. The yells of the men below echoed. The machinery within the oncoming entity allowed for such to be picked up. The sounds of the men brought no change to the man within the machine. As a matter of fact, he too yelled, the giant assault, fully loaded, set to full burst, unloaded its large ammo into the crowd of green beret. They were doomed the moment they set eyes on this knight of destruction, the custom E Knightmare, Airiazor.

The platoon was wiped out, there remain scattered in the hot dirt ground of the earth. The Knightmare circles back, its green light now focused on a new target, the one target that would be the icing on the cake, to this onslaught he had wrought. The sound pickup equipment, continuously active, picked up verbal orders of assault. The man behind the mask of despair, arched his back with his two guilty hand pressed firmly on the console handles. The triggers built into them were ready to be put in use. The Hud within the cockpit received massive data, as the green light mechanism extended out forward, beeping with purpose. However, the cockpit itself was as dark as the setting. The lights of the monitor lit the darkness, its flashes everyone moment or so. The fire of the gun no doubt. With its information now given, it was time for the entity to depart. The machine rises into the air, like some would be angel. But it was far from some ordinary angel, no, this was an angel, an angel of death.
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The Borrowed Help
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