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 War Ship template

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War Ship template  Empty
PostSubject: War Ship template    War Ship template  EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 1:57 pm

[Coming Soon]

War Ships

Here, you can register  your very own War ship. War ships are used to carry around Nightmare frames and such, you cant just go around and cruise in your Nightmare. War ships aree also used by many important leaders as a menas of transport, for security means. Wars ships can be used for many things, as they also provide many features that can help or destroy one another.

War Ship Template

This is the Custom War ship template, which is available to anyone who wishes to create one. But bare in mind that the price of a Custom warship will be extremely high. When making a custom ship, you must add on 500 geass points on top of the base price of the class. For example, if you pick the Battleship class, the price will be 3400 geass points.

The Caerleon Class:
Maximum of 4 armaments
The Logres Class:
Maximum of 10 armaments
The Battleship Class:
Maximum of 12 armaments

The ships can be bought without armaments, in which case they will get a 500 point price cut.

[b][color=red]Name of War Ship:[/color][/b]

[b][color=green]Storage Capacity:[/color][/b]
[b][color=green]Propulsion System:[/color][/b]

The price determinations of a War ship are slightly different from a Nightmare.

There are currently three different classes of War ships to choose from, which the Leaders/Emperors get one free custom warship, or, they receive one of the premade ships. More ships will be added in time.

The Caerleon Class

This class was designed for escort/transportation means, but it does have some other capabilities as well. This design is more favorable to terms of speed, meaning it can outrun most War ships. This class can only have 3 Armaments/Features.

Name of War Ship: Light Avalon
Class: Caerleon Class
Size: 260 meters in Length
War Ship template  Avalon

1x Null Zig System
3x Rocket launcher Turrents
1x Blaze Luminous System
Storage Capacity: 2 Nightmares maximum
Propulsion System: Float System
Price: 1500 Geass Points

The Light Avalon has 3 rocket launcher  turrets 1 on the top mid section of the ship, and two below, and one launch catapult that extends out from the right side(Port), and also utilizes Blaze Luminous shielding. It has 1 command deck, 3 resting quarters with one being a master bed room. It also has 2 seperate storage hangers that accomadate 1 Nightmare Frame in each.

The command deck is located on the bottom midsection of the ship, with the storage hangers on each side.

The Logres Class

This class is focused more towards a battle ship, with alot more power than a Caerleon Class War ship. This ship would be the appropriate type of class to use when going to battle the enemy head on. This class can only have 10 Armaments/Features.

Name of War Ship: The Avalon V2
Class: Logres Class
Size: 360 meters in Length, with enormous Wings.
War Ship template  Logresbottom

2x Depth Charge Deployers
4x Hyperion Beams
3x Rocket launcher Turrents
1x Blaze Luminous System
Storage Capacity: 7 Nightmares maximum
Propulsion System: Float System
Price: 2500 Geass Points

This War ship is a varient to the lower class mode, the Light Avalon. Unlike the Light Avalon, this ship comes with many more offensive features. This ship has 2 depth charge deployers that are located on the bottom back section of the ship, which are normally used to combat submarine type ships. Its also has Hyperion beam cannons, 2 on the top front section, and 2 on the bottom front section, laying onto of each other. The ship comes with 3 rocket launcher turrents that are on the top of the ship, 1 in the front mid section, and the other two that have been placed on each of the massive wing sections of the ship. And lastly, the ship does come with a shield (Blaze Luminous System) generator.

The ship has 1 command deck that is located in the medial frontal section of the ship. 10 resting quarters, which one of them being a master bed room. 1 hanger bay that can fit 7 nightmares at once. An exclusive Garden room that is placed in the middle of the ship with a glass ceiling over view, mostly for scenery. 1 prisoner brig hold room, that has 4 individual holding cells. It also has two catapults that extend outward from the port and starboard sides of the base portion of the ship (excluding the wings.)

Battleship Class

Name of War Ship: Carrier-Battleship
Class: Battleship
Size: 390 meters in length
War Ship template  Britannia_carriership

x4 Anti Knightmare Frame gun turrets
x1 Vertical missile system
x6 Turrets
x1 Reinforced Plates Battleship class only
Storage Capacity: 20 Knightmares
Propulsion System: Sea vessel, no flight capabilities.
Price: 2900 Geass Points

These types of ships are used for mostly transport, to aid others. The crew detail is quite large as well, fitting well over 100 people, including those used to operate it.

It has the command deck, living quarters, as well as two luxurious rooms reserved for those who are of royalty, a brig that can contain up to 50 prisoners, over 10 meeting rooms, and a large deck from which personal can roam.
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War Ship template
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