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 Cell Phone

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Cell Phone Empty
PostSubject: Cell Phone   Cell Phone EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 5:00 pm

Name: Cell Phone
Type of item: Phone
Cell Phone 261241-codegeass01_037_super

Its functions:
The phone is 5 x 2 inches, with .45 inches in depth; the color is up to the user.
This allows the user of this device to send information that the user was just in, or is currently in to another person, vise versa. The receiver of a message, must have a phone to begin with. The user can only send messages up to 2 people in one topic.

Since this is a Roleplay site, the only thing the user could do with this phone is text to other people the message, since calling would only make things more complicated. This is however subject to change if suggested.
How Much it cost: 20 points

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Cell Phone
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