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 The Roleplay Class: The Immortal

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The Roleplay Class: The Immortal  Empty
PostSubject: The Roleplay Class: The Immortal    The Roleplay Class: The Immortal  EmptyThu Dec 20, 2012 1:44 pm

This class is a special class that requires staff approval in order to make.

The Immortal

Nobody can start out in this class becasue of the certain qualifications that must be met first.

In the anime, it was shown that V.V., Charles brother, had the geass code that gave him immortality. However, here, Immortality will be given to those that meet the requirements.

  • You must have gain the perfect stage of geass, and held on to it for 40 topics.

  • You must have made a contract with 2 people.

  • You must also have your first geass code that you started with upon death.

Your immortality will be granted upon your death. So when the time comes, you will be offered the chance to make a new character bio with the same name, just with a more up dated history.

How Immortality Works

Someone with the geass power of immortality is immune to death, However, being that this is a rpg forum, there will be a slight change to this ability.

People with this ability will be immune to death for only 5 times within a topic, once in each post. For example, If i were shot in the head with a gun, that would count as 1 death, mean you have 4 more post of immunity to death within the topic. The count resets after a topic is over. If your head is blown off, or even cut off, you are dead... there is no coming back from that one. Any ligaments that have been cut off will not grow back, your immortality does not grant you the power to heal as well.
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The Roleplay Class: The Immortal
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