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 Ladazar Hillowitz "Quan"

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The Wanted Criminal (TEK)
The Wanted Criminal (TEK)

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Ladazar Hillowitz "Quan" Empty
PostSubject: Ladazar Hillowitz "Quan"   Ladazar Hillowitz "Quan" EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 3:54 pm

Character Profile

Name: Ladazar Hillowitz, "Quan" addoptive name
Date of Birth: 7/05
Age: 21
Ladazar Hillowitz "Quan" 20091122184417-247257747

Your Roleplay class: The Wanted Criminal
Nation: The Chinese Federation
Nightmare Frame: If applicable N/A

Ladazar can only be described at best by from the like of women, suave, debonaire, irresistable, etc. He used these traits to get what he wanted the most out of women, which is to get between them and their bank accounts. Yes, the sweet and charming Ladazar has an unsatiable greed for money. He has used every single ploy and con against them from the simple "catch them when their down trick", to the old "Love at first sight ploy".

This man is not to be trusted with money, or your lives; Because, if the price is right, you could find yourself on the nearest "Sold Out" train.

Like all criminals, big and small time, Ladazar is extremely gifted with the term "actual intelligence", aka Street smart. he knowns when ans when not to agree with certain things. However, such intelligence does however come with a price, arrogance. It was arrogance that placed him in his current situation... Inmate 143569 of The Chinese Federation.

Likes/ Money, Girls, and playtime
Dislikes/ fake money, broke girls, and downtime

Family relatives: Non menioned.

History of your Character:
Ladazar was born in the Philippines, which was made an Area, and taken control by The Chinese Federation. His family was lost due to the sudden invasion of TCF. At that time, the violence seem to spread like wildfire. Ladazar hid everyday from the marching soldier, evading the flying bullets that seem to follow everywhere he went, it was a hell on Earth for him. From there on, he was a loner in street, with no one to protect him. That was, until he was taken in by one of the rich citizens of The Chinese Federation, who happened to move to the Philippines whwen it was finally taken over. The old lady by the name of Shi Quan, developed an interest in the boy that was more than mutual. From there, he would become a butler by day, cleaning the luxurious mansion that she own, for a place to stay and get something to eat. By night, he was charged with pleasuring the old women. He learned to coop with it since it was the only way he could survive.

However, the time that he spent in the mansion would not be wasted, since he was in a High life scenery, he would watch as the so called Upper classmen and prestigious Royalty waltz inside the mannor that he was in charge of managing. He would watch and analyize the group of people, picking up tricks and mannorisms that were accustomed to the High life of society. By the age of 15, he was well educated in the art of High life society, politics, and defferencing the difference between a common street rat, and a modern Upper classmen. But most especially, it was Shi Quan that was being analyised. He would watch as everyone would bow down to her, seeing to her every will. All the mannorisms, the tricks, the ploys, the witty comebacks, and even teh facial expressions would be mirrored down to the last detail. Ladazar had learned from the best in this game, he hated and admired her at the same time.

At the age of 18, when he would be able to travel outside the mannor, without ever speaking a word of his Night shift duties, he would then travel the streest of his sector. As he did, he would manage too whoo many females by mere thought, due to it not being a challenge anymore, but his love for the game never cease to stop. It was then that he developed his three loves in live Girl, Money, and Game.
To get the girl and the money, one must be able to play the "Game", a simple logic that opened many doors for him. He believed that nothing was too far from his grasp, that everything would revolve around his game.

During the time he turned 21, it was then that he would decide to take what was rightfully his, the fortune of Shi Quan. It was only fair that he would receive such a gift from her, since he would grace her with his almost every night. He wanted the old hag to go, pass on so that her fortune can be passed on to a much younger player of the game. However, his hot streak would come to and end, as he would be beaten to the punch by the old lady herself, Quan had alerted the TCF guards of his agenda. That same night Ladazar would be carted off to the Prison, where he would spend his little time, due to the old lady still having certain feelings for the high strug "Player".

As Ladazar sat in his cell, reading the only letter that he had receive, which was from Shi Quan herself, read... "You will never be that good".

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Kuro Ganki
Kuro Ganki

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Ladazar Hillowitz "Quan" Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ladazar Hillowitz "Quan"   Ladazar Hillowitz "Quan" EmptySat Jan 26, 2013 1:40 pm

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Ladazar Hillowitz "Quan"
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