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 The Roleplay Class: The Soldier

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The Roleplay Class: The Soldier Empty
PostSubject: The Roleplay Class: The Soldier   The Roleplay Class: The Soldier EmptyMon Dec 17, 2012 3:22 pm

In this World, you will be able to pick a certain class that best defines you. There are currently 4 classes to choose from, so choose wisely.

- The Soldier: Like Suzaku, you will be able to take on the responsiblity of protecting your homeland form invaders. When you create your character, your Soldier will be entitled to a Nightmare frame. From then on, you can advance through the ranks of your military core.
(500 words IC to advance to the next level)

- Soldier Rank 1(A Private): At this rank, you are basically the new guy of your class. Though you have access to a Nightmare, your Nightmare will be the basic mass produced model. You do not have access to the highgrade models, nor do you have the ability to apply for special military groups unless you were refered to by 2 Higher up individuals that are in the core you wish to join. You cannot leave your homeland unless you have permission to do so by a higher ranked individual, or if someone from the royal family grants you such persmission. However, you are free to do so, but if you are caught by an offical, then the punishment is up to him/her, including death.
(2000 words IC to advance to the next level)

- Soldier Rank 2(A Knight): At this rank, you are allowed more freedom, due to you being made a knight. There are two ways to becoming a Knight. One way is to normally progess to a Knight from a private the old fashion way, the other way, is to be made a knight from one of the royal family members. When made a Knight, you are allowed to make send an application to a special military core unit, for example, the knights of the round if you were Britannian.

Also, you can trade in your knightmare to purchase a brand new one with a 25% discount. In addition, you can travel away from Britannia without permission.
(5000 words IC to advance to the next level)

- Soldier Rank 3(Commander Knight): The final rank of the soldier class, this class allows you to trade in your current Knightmare Frame and exchange it for a brand new one for 25% off its original price. As a Commander Knight, you are allowed access to 8 and 9th generation Knightmare Frames.

And the final perk to this class, is that you can take commad of a War ship once purchased or given one.

The word counts below are an alternative route to advance, you may due this if their arent any higher ups available.

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The Roleplay Class: The Soldier
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