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Hail Britannina. Hail Britannina.” ~A large crowd chants.~ “I know you other nations aren't going to take that.” ~Admin says~ “Glory to the Chinese Federation. Long live the European Kingdom” ~More chants occur.~ “Dance puppets dance.” ~A war ensues between the three superpowers.~ “I know you want to be part of this so join...ooh someone got shot. Got to go see you on the chat

20 guest and counting...

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 (OOC) To all of you out there

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Henry Ai Britannia
Emperor of Britannina
Emperor of Britannina
Henry Ai Britannia

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(OOC) To all of you out there Empty
PostSubject: (OOC) To all of you out there   (OOC) To all of you out there EmptyMon Mar 25, 2013 6:18 am

This goes out to all those who might think the site is dead. The site is not dead, we just need members, ACTIVE MEMBERS, so please if you are interested sign up and make a character. That way we can get this RP back on track, just pm me and we can go from there, thank you Smile
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(OOC) To all of you out there
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