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 The End Of Normalcy

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PostSubject: The End Of Normalcy   The End Of Normalcy EmptyTue May 28, 2013 9:20 am

A very mild coldness brushed across her cheeks as she opened the refrigerator. Inside were all sorts of different canned soft drinks stocked, and Luise was aiming for her favorite. Reaching inside she grabbed first one, then two sugar free Redbull cans throwing them into the little metallic shopping basket she was carrying. She continued reaching for more cans, throwing them into her basket until it was eventually full. If you’d disregard the unusual amount of unhealthy energy drinks, you could consider this a normal task for an average girl. But for her, it was anything but normal. It was already 2AM, she was supposed to be asleep and not in the local, small supermarket store fishing for beverages. But she couldn’t sleep. She didn’t even feel tired. In fact she felt restless. For a couple of weeks now she had these major troubles sleeping at night. Luise knew why this was the case, but was too proud to admit that she is facing some troubles right now.

Closing the refrigerator again, she continued walking around the store, casually browsing what else this store had in stock. Perhaps you’re now wondering why someone like Luise is having troubles sleeping. She is young, successful, a remarkable student at one of the highest and well known Academies in Area 11. But even though she’s not the type of person to admit it, she’s like everyone else sometimes. She has the same problems, thoughts and fears. Despite of her succeeding at most things in life, it doesn’t make her an exception. It doesn’t mean she magically knows what she wants to do with the majority of her life, including which profession she is going to chose. Luise was one of the handful and rare students that didn’t know, but the teachers were particularly concerned about her, who had never slacked at anything before.

Luise came to a halt in front of a shelf filled with different sorts of sweets. Honestly, it’s been years since the last time she had craved any sort of sweets. But these chocolate oranges really tempted her. Reaching out for two, she piled them on top of her energy drink cans and headed to the register. The same cashier as the last few times she did some late-night shopping smiled at her. A man in his late thirties greeted her. “Can’t sleep again, miss?” Simply brushing what he said aside, she watched as he scanned one can and counted the rest, then multiplying the amount with the price. Nineteen cans… The amount just increases every time.

Obviously he’d know that she shouldn’t be awake at this time. He’d seen her several times in a school uniform, knowing very well that she is a student. Today is Wednesday, which means in 6 hours she’d have to head to school. He scanned the oranges, all while Luise started filling two plastic bags with the beverages she just purchased. Placing the chocolate oranges on top of the cans, she pulled out her wallet from her back pocket, paying with the money she had earned with her part time job. For a year she worked at a local book store with passion. But when the finals drew closer she had to quit that job for a while. Now she only helps out every now and then, taking over night shifts. After all she is supposed to apply for an apprenticeship or a University. There are many Universities in Area 11 that want her, offering her many scholarships. Sadly, that is the origin of her worries. She never imagined going to a Japanese University, and had hoped by now to find a way back to the European Kingdom. But without her noble family contacting her it seems like a pretty hopeless wish. Five years ago, her family started neglecting her and eventually cut off all contact with her. She never understood why and always secretly wished for her family to bring her back. As unfair as it sounds towards her Japanese stepfather, Area 11 is and never will be her true home. She never felt like she belonged here. Of course she adapted a little, accepting the culture from Area 11 but it’s just not the same.

Sighing softly, she wished the man out of mere politeness a good night. Heading for the exit, Luise took a deep breath before slowly heading back home.
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The End Of Normalcy
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