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 Rave Kugeki

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Soldier of Britannina
Soldier of Britannina

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PostSubject: Rave Kugeki   Rave Kugeki EmptyFri May 31, 2013 12:02 am

Character Profile

Name: Rave Kugeki
Date of Birth: May 16
Age: 18

If we start from the bottom and proceeding upwards, the common shoes Rave wears would be military grade boots of black coloring. These boots are not tied fully but only tied to the halfway point, as Rave likes to have the flap pointing outward. This style is common for him but he does fully tie his boots when need be. Concerning pants, Rave wears straight fit cargo pants, not to baggy yet not to tight to be considered skinny jeans, his pants rested somewhere in the middle of the two which was perfect for him. The color of the cargo pants varies upon the color of his shirt but he usually sticks with the beige coloring, even though he is seen to wear blue, black, or even camo-colored. On both sides of the pants there are two pockets, familiar to cargo pants, and zippers running in between the pockets and down to the bottom of the pants. Instead of being allowed to rest over his boots, Rave puts the bottom of his pants into his boots but that is only when he ties his boots completely, when he doesn't, he lets the pants hang over the boots but due to the flap usually being out, the pants are usually behind it. Around his waist through the hoops of his pants, he wears a normal belt, no real accessories along with it.

He wears a normal t-shirt, of varying colors but usually sticking to the normal white shirt. Over his shirt he wears a Britannian coat, since he needs to show that he is a Britannian solider somehow considering that his attire does not really imply such a thing. The type of coat he wears changes, between a long sleeved one and a no sleeved one. Regardless of which type of coat he wears, he is always wearing fingerless black motorcycle gloves. To complete his outfit he wears a 14k gold chain around his neck, which he never takes off no matter the occasion.

Rave has the athletic body type which is easily maintained by his military lifestyle. Placed on his right arm is a Taurus tattoo, the tattoo reaching from his shoulder down to his elbow. He has dark purple hair, commonly mistaken for dark blue which is understandable due to the darkness of his hair, but under the right light the fact that it is truly purple can be seen. The length of his hair reaches down to his neck, but because of its unruly style it does not truly appear that way. His eyes, unlike his hair the coloring which cannot be mistaken, is dark blue but seem lighter during the day, not light enough to be considered another shade of blue but lighter than it is during the night. All together Rave stand at about 5'11” or 6'0”, weighing at about 159 lbs. To accompany his militaristic style of clothing, Rave is said to walk with pride, his head held high and his chest out. His walk can also be described as him constantly looking for a fight, even though that is sometimes not the case.

tattoo on his arm:

Your Roleplay class: Solider
Nation: Britannian
Nightmare Frame: Glasgow

Personality: Outwardly Rave's most dominant trait would be the one where he says whatever he wants to whoever he wants. Of course this would lead him to say something in the wrong situation but because he usually has a good grip of the situation he doesn't constantly say rude things. This trait of him would imply that he doesn't respect authority or hierarchy, which is mostly true considering he believes respect is earned not given and no matter how high on the food chain one is than him, doesn't mean he needs to give them his respect right off the back. It would be better to say he chooses what he respects and what he doesn't making him very difficult to control.

His straight forwardness, happens to strand from his pride, another dominant trait belonging to Rave. Rave's pride absolute to the point that once he makes up his mind, on whatever he chooses to do, he'll do whatever it takes to achieve it. This causes his alignment to dwell with the chaotic neutral sections. Even though his pride, can be taken as a sin, it can also be taken as a virture. With his pride, Rave also protects those he cares about to the point of killing those who threaten them. Because of his pride, his position on that stands firm and will never yield, the same as how he stands on whatever he deems important to him.

Stemming from his “Say whatever I want” trait, it is easy for Rave to start conversations with others, proving that he is a friendly person when he wants to be. While he is friendly when meeting people through random talking he tends not to ask them for their names, but he does sometimes remember even if it isn't often. Another social trait he possesses would be his sarcasm. He tends to be highly sarcastic, using sarcastic terms quite often especially when playing around with other people or being disrespectful.

When it comes to his work, Rave tries to stay away from the escort or protection missions and go directly for the assault missions. In short he does this because he loves combat, which comes from his competitive streak that he obtained from his mother. This is not to say the he will completely refuse to partake in a escort or protection mission but one must convince him that there will be a battle in store for him to get him to take it, or bribery works. Rave loves money, something he doesn't try to hide nor will ever try to hide. If there is one way to get him to do something he doesn't want to do is bride him with money, or candy, his sweet tooth is off the charts as he loves candy more than money. It can be considered that he has a problem with both of them but he doesn't see it that way.

Concerning battles Rave loves all kinds, as long as he can get a thrill out of them. This usually means prolonged battles are not best for him unless they have some element of suspense to them to make them exciting. His favorite type of combat happens to be the fast paced close quarters combat. To him that type of combat allows him to use the most of his potential and express the greatest amount of fun. An unfortunate case for when he actually does enjoy combat, is that he doesn't normally kill the opposition in attempt to fight them again at a later engagement. For his job as a solider this might not be ideal but he chooses not to care much about those details. When not in combat or training, Rave tends to relax looking up at the sky in some random high place.
Likes/Dislikes: Rave is not a hard person to figure out, he enjoys combat of all sorts, lounging around, the sky especially right before it rains, and doing what he pleases. He hates people who believe they are better than others, commonly royalty, not to say he cannot befriend them but all in all they annoy him. He also hates brown nosing, it could just be his pride but he is not somebody who will ever suck up to others in order to get ahead. He has more likes and dislikes but they are mainly revealed through talking to him.
Family relatives: N/A

History of your Character: Rave was born in the Holy empire of Britannian, to his parents. His parents weren't nobility neither were they poor, they lived a normal life of what people would call the middle class. Now this didn't deem the same for all of his family, as some of his family were in the same situation as him while the others happened to be poor, but not poor enough where they fought for survival everyday. But fighting would become one of the main means for entertainment him and his cousins undertook. About the age of 7, Rave and his cousins had made their own little gang, starting fights all over the slums of Britannian simply because they could. These fights gave them valuable fighting experience and fighting instincts, even though it seemed to come natural to each one of them, evident during their first battle while they were all naturally avoiding hits while being outnumbered. After the realization that they were naturally good fighters, the amount of fights they got into skyrocketed with them getting into multiple fights where they were being outnumbered. Through the years of fighting, they all started to invent their own styles of fighting, seeming how just randomly punching would get all of them nowhere.

Each of them decided that they would learn how to fight from their parents, Rave instead of going to his father went to his mother, as his father married into the family and wasn't born into it. For the next year, Rave's mom trained him in combat, where she learned that his competitive streak was greater than her own. She used that to drive him into training harder, which successfully worked in his case. Upon the finish of his training, him and his cousins returned to fighting other gangs easily dominating them with their new fighting styles. That is when Rave's boredom started to arise with regular battles and drove him into the hands of the Britannian military. Naturally Rave would start as a common trainee at the academy, but with his power and natural aptitude for combat he easily rose to the number 1 rank of his class but he still felt bored considering he didn't get much Nightmare combat in, other than practice. Even though he didn't get much, when he was inside a Nightmare the sensation for battle was greater than ever, as ever vain in his body begged to use one in real combat.

Now we enter present day, Rave is a full-fledged solider doing all the routine work that comes along with it. He still goes to visit his family from time to time but he likes to spend most of his time training his skills with a Nightmare along with his own personal fighting skills. When he isn't training he tends to wander around looking for high places or just lounge around doing nothing, even he needs to take the occasional break from his own antics.
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Rave Kugeki
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