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 Oscar Hemsworth (Finished)

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Soldier of Britannina
Soldier of Britannina

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Oscar Hemsworth (Finished) Empty
PostSubject: Oscar Hemsworth (Finished)   Oscar Hemsworth (Finished) EmptyThu Jun 27, 2013 9:45 am

Character Profile

Name: Oscar Hemsworth
Date of Birth: January 13th 1999 a.t.b
Age: 18
Appearance: Has neck length brown hair, styled flat and close to his skin while his eyes are of a soft amber. Deemed as a soldier from youth, he has a lean, toned build that belies his strength and agility. When out of uniform, he either wears his dress uniform, or a dark green long sleeved shirt, tan pants and a black jacket along with jackheel boots. on his left shoulder is a tattoo of the Britannian cross, while on his right is the seal of the House of Hemsworth: A shield with two spears behind it, a aqulia mounted upon said shield.

Your Roleplay class: The Soldier
Nation: Holy Empire of Britannia
Nightmare Frame: a Sunderland fifth generation Knightmare frame. (Standard equipment)

Personality: Professional to a fault. He follows orders and obeys his superiours to the letter. On the battlefield at least. Outside of comabt he is cold to non-military personal. Those above his station he respects, if they deserve it. those below he abuses, if they warrent it. As is the Britannian way.
He will defend his country and it's ways with his very being, such is his mindset.
Likes/Dislikes: He has an obsession with war. Due to his upbringing it was all he really knew, he trained for it, studied it and wishes nothing more to be involved in one. Outside of that he is weak to classical music, and will be brought low by the aroma of Bluebells. He also is fond of dogs, wishing he could keep one as a pet secertly.
What he dislikes the most are tratiors, with a passion. Those who fight against his nation's will quickly make him angry. But he was never too fond of Spice in food. The burning taste made his eyes water.
Family relatives: Outside of his parents in the Hemsworth line, he was an only child.

History of your Character: He was born to a small level noble family who were known in some circles, but passed under the notice of the major families. His father, a former soldier himself, deemed his new son to be excellent soldier material and made arrangements to train his son before sending him into the military. Few friends outside of his teachers and trainers, Oscar only learned the strength that came from friends when in bootcamp. He recieved knightmare training but was deemed more inline to be a footsolider, but has yet to see true combat, since he has yet to fully complete his training.
His tattoos came from his squadmates, who all have their family crests and the cross of britannia on this skin. But have yet to name themselves anything, since they will most likely be split up to serve in different army groups once their training has finished.
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Kuro Ganki
Kuro Ganki

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Oscar Hemsworth (Finished) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oscar Hemsworth (Finished)   Oscar Hemsworth (Finished) EmptyThu Jun 27, 2013 8:17 pm

Approved, welcome to the site.
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Oscar Hemsworth (Finished)
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