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 Infantry assualt rifle

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Soldier of Britannina
Soldier of Britannina

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Infantry assualt rifle Empty
PostSubject: Infantry assualt rifle   Infantry assualt rifle EmptySat Jun 29, 2013 7:37 pm

Name: Infantry Assualt rifle
Type of item: Weapon
Infantry assualt rifle Britannian_Troops
Its functions: A semi automatic rifle, this weapon is the standard weapon for Britannian soldiers. With a 64 bullet clip and a max range of 1200m, it can double as a marksman's rifle if mounted with a scope. The user can carry a maximun of two extra clips.
How Much it cost: 40 GP
Post Limit: a six post limit, which means 24 posts per thread, with a reload between every six.
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Infantry assualt rifle
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