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 Kaguya, Jojo (WIP)

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Jojo Kaguya
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PostSubject: Kaguya, Jojo (WIP)   Kaguya, Jojo (WIP) EmptyTue Sep 17, 2013 5:04 am

Character Profile

Name: Kaguya, Jojo
Date of Birth: Aug. 11
Age: 20
Appearance: Jojo has a thin smooth face with soft skin. The skin is elegantly smoothed out and not completely horrid with the age that Jojo has, in all efforts her skin is actually younger than what her actual visual age should be. The single pink colored scar that runs down the edge of her temple and down towards her neck revolves around a story. Jojo's cheeks are average in muscle tone and confined skin. Following the cheeks and the scar will both display the way her cheeks can blush at different times. When blushing the cheeks will revolve to show lightened shades of red and darkened shades of pink. Making her cheeks reveal more to a story than she would like. The cheeks would normally be a flushed expression'd color that is not seen very often in a normal person, then again Jojo has never been a normal person.

The girl's lips are plush with the girl's light shade of pink. Normally lined upwards with a smile that can be defined as demonic care. Demonic care for punishment can arise even when one is smiling and as such this is an instance where she always smiles like that. Yet when not smiling and in the office her bored expression is just the strait line that doesn't curve up nor down at all. When frowning this can only be seen as a disappointed look from one of such charismatic fortitude.

Jojo's eyes are keen with blue tints. Though her pupils are oddly small for dilation as far as the science is concerned. A darkening of the pupil's colors can be equally frightening when seen as the anger fills in her face. Jojo's eyes are always gleaming around and searching for something to lay eyeful prey to. Her eyes are only the beginning though when she decides to actually sleep in the night and go out in the day because you can barely see her pupils at all.

Jojo's hair is blonde and straightened out to a nice glistening form. Her hair goes straight down to her mid back detailing that it is long. Her hair has naturally been cut only once. Also having been treated plenty of times with small time trims here and there. Her blonde hair is unnatural on the instance that her family has a history of black and brown hair. Her figure is very feminine in admiration to most boy fantasies. Her breast are not too over average with the nice size of C-cup. Her thin gut line comes from her small weight and tall height. She has long shaved legs that remain that way due to the painful waxing. Her skin tone is naturally tanned white to which you'd see of the Britannian skin tone. The skin complexion in general is equal to that of a mother's.

Through this, her figure is seen as a beauty that cannot be taken or had. Unless she is in civilian wear, her hair is normally in a bun fashion with a few strands in decorative Native American beads and feathers decoratively places in them. Jojo's family sword is always located to be tied to her left hip by some green threads. This being the uniformed appearance she has used and will always use. She also wears her standard issued hand gun on her left hip.

Her custom civilian gown decoratively reveals her tattoo along her back only when her gown is off. The gown is sleeveless however it is alright to assume that she doesn't care much for showing off her arms. Along with this are the marks that look like blackened burns along her arms that could most likely be called from melted chains. Though this may just have been an accident from mechanic work; it is simply just a tattoo along each arm that matching burn marks in looks but not texture since her skin is still just as smooth. Jojo has a few scars here and there and those include the tattoo marking across her back as well. She also has a crimson dragon tattoo on her back facing upward. The dragon covers most of her back with its wings and tail. The dragon was made from blood ink that has long past dried over.

Your Roleplay class: The Commoner
Nation: Britannia
Nightmare Frame: N/A for now

Personality: Following a twelve point code of conduct she normally can only see the result and the distance between can only be used by certain paths. The code deals with obedience and trust but also the bravery and friendly help she can give to people. She is a vineyard of not just livelihood but the release of knowledge and power as well. Personally she sees conflict as not a problem but a good criticism theory that dockets ones opinion into the massive pool of civilization. She however feels strongly about many things as such to the degree of knocking herself out time and time so she doesn't attempt murdering the agitation. One is the freeloader. This kind of person whom uses up resources and gives nothing back deserves nothing but due to her duties she is more often than not forced to reconcile with this. Second is the petty crimes that humans do to each just to make mincemeat for their next meal. She has changed many times but yes she does have some small fluke about her that can't be fixed until of late in years and experience. Some of Jojo's worst topics of discussion insist on destroying those not equipped with something they may use to defend themselves. War is never her favourite option as she despises such measures as she would merely fight to end it as soon as possible, being one of the few things that her superiors find distasteful about her. She likes to cave, swim, hike, and kiss. That would be the oddest bit of her is that she will kiss the most random people that could be seen. Even though she swears she is strait and only likes guys she will kiss girls at random.

She has only this one persona that can not do much with aside from defend. She is the absolute defense in this. She lives to protect her fellow soldier's lives but not to follow its standards of living most often. She is often seen as a heretic or pessimistic and at times a masochist. She is many things while living the life to protect those she can not stand to see harmed. Jojo does not appreciate harsh amounts of tone and anger with people being short to her. Short as in angry, questioning, etc. She is flawed in the aspect that she has personally grown up hating her family for abandoning her however she was never told the whole truth of what happened to her parents and why they did what they did. The false abandonment still haunts her in her nightmares so another thing she does not like is nightmares either. One thing she will never get to accept is persons whom kill without question or motive.

She has trained more than her physical self these past few years. Her training exceeded even the highest of expectations of her own self. She has learned much and that shows her dedication to her life's goal. Her life goal being the protectionist of the royal crown. To become an "angel of the night" in a sense, best known as one of the twelve knights of Britannia. With this dream she can protect anyone within her sight and that is what leads her on. Now with that aside, Jojo has plotted her life's course to be what can be equivalent to a legacy. To live the legacy of those who died. Carrying more burdens upon her shoulders as they are resembled by the jade necklace around her neck. This would help her to the best of abilities within her dreams and goals. Manipulating herself to the fullest extent.
Family relatives: n/a

History of your Character: Jojo was born in the Chinese federation under the name of Kaguya due to her father being Jenten Kaguya, an off hand member of the Kaguya clan though loss of all family rank. The Kaguya clan being a clan of swordsmen that actually possessed links to higher clan houses in Japan such as the Kyoto Houses as they were traditionally body guards. Through many mishaps Jenten Kaguya happened to be banned from the clan and Kyoto itself and so he fled to the Chinese Federation. He had married into the Britannian nobles to a woman known as Semmil Kelo, who happened to be in China as a mere tourist. With the birth of the young girl named Jojo Kaguya the family soon realized that the mother’s existence as a noble was probably going to get them all killed so in Jojo’s protection they fled. Or in a better sense Jojo fled while the parents stayed behind to face fate.

Jojo would be raised by the mother's family from young child to late teen. Passing through school with some difficulty towards the beginning of such a life the school itself was known to graduate those wishing to join the military. As luck would have it she would be put through numerous training exercises that all centered around her being trained as a sniper for the military though she preferred the Knightmare piloting classes when they were finally integrated towards the later parts of her schooling years. Being what she loved most she would eventually be known to have excelled well in this field while also in the fields of medicine.

She became a front line paramedic for nine months excelling exceptionally well though there were a few deaths that she could not explain whose blood was on her hands, but when there was the time when she needed to be found in the paramedic area to help out a lot of troops she was on the frontlines killing troops that needed taken out. She was found later on with bullet wounds across her legs, all cleanly shot through, but with the miracle of updated medicine and Britannian equipment she was mended well.

Months later was the eradication of “XXXX” so she helped out here as she helped out the frontlines in her Knightmare nicknamed ‘Rose’ for the time she served as a paramedic but also for the fact that she has a rose tattooed to the side of her Knightmare Frame that resembles who she is. She was the advance attraction group used as a diversion to take out any hostiles while also being known to be a group to take the most fire power.

She took no damage while using the sniper attachment to her Knightmare’s rifle while also having with her the detachable scope to allow her to use the automatic rifle even better. She would succeed this mission with only ten wounded, two MIA, and five KIA. She had proven quite loyal during this time and showed that her responsibilities as a soldier was much formatted though she did try to fight for the search of the two MIA's the higher ups already listed them as dead and since then the facts were last and she was denied the search.

Jojo during later missions had been given full colors and decoration awards while also being awarded many other honors. Such missions consisted of covert ops missions and added to these are the many assaults caused by the invasion of areas to which she was a member of and endlessly attempted to risk her own life for those around her. Whether in or out of her ranks, though disobeying orders slightly to do this, she usefully performs well and is commended for such actions just to save face in front of other nobles. As such she was given a promotion in ranks she was now being treated like a real soldier instead of a mud dog and for that she was very happy. Now was ready for the troubles ahead as she was redirected and sent to the Japan deployment at that time.
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Kaguya, Jojo (WIP)
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