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 Britannian Pistol

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Britannian Pistol Empty
PostSubject: Britannian Pistol   Britannian Pistol EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 1:34 pm

Name: Britannian Pistol
Type of item: Handgun
Britannian Pistol 320px-Britannian_Pistol_

Its functions:
It is a modified semi-automatic 9 mm USP, with 10 bullets in each clip. The bullets are standard hollow points, with no special features what so ever. The grip of the hand gun has a hard rubber coating that covers the lower back handle of the gun, giving the user of the pistol more control when firing. Its light weight and compact size makes it easier to conceal within clothing, without being notice by anyone else. The gun also comes with a laser sight attachment which is fastened under the barrel, the laser streches out at a maximum of 400 meters. However, that doesn't mean mean that the user alone can hit a target that far.

A maximum of 3 clips can be used within a single topic, to prevent the unlimited ammo problem.

How Much it cost: 35 points
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Britannian Pistol
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