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Hail Britannina. Hail Britannina.” ~A large crowd chants.~ “I know you other nations aren't going to take that.” ~Admin says~ “Glory to the Chinese Federation. Long live the European Kingdom” ~More chants occur.~ “Dance puppets dance.” ~A war ensues between the three superpowers.~ “I know you want to be part of this so join...ooh someone got shot. Got to go see you on the chat

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 The battlefront: Lavaris defends the Point

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Lavaris Vicaro
Soldier of The European Kingdom
Soldier of The European Kingdom
Lavaris Vicaro

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The battlefront: Lavaris defends the Point Empty
PostSubject: The battlefront: Lavaris defends the Point   The battlefront: Lavaris defends the Point EmptySun Aug 24, 2014 12:30 pm

The loud booms of the explosions that lit the sky were tremendous. The once dark starry sky was almost as bright as day. The Front lines, where heroes are born, and where sorrow gives birth. The flat lands were reaped full of holes, the mines and traps going off one after another. The invaders march towards their target, piloting great machines that allowed them to perform wonders in their own image. Victory was whatever one's mind could picture, leading towards success. The roll of the wheels which these machines were equipped with, gave them much speed. They blitz through every known defense that once stood in their way. Their giant guns went off, bursting with tremendous fire power. What was left behind the charging giants, where hot steaming above average rounds that were ejected from the assault rifle, and many other opposing giants that fought for a different cause, other than their own.

"Central Command, we are proceeding towards the TEK(The Europeon Kingdom) East Base, permission to wait for back up?"

"Denied, its time for those arrogant superficial TEKs to die, so that we can live on as the liberators of our brothers and sisters, who remain captive within the base. Destroy all that stand before."

"Roger that, Alright boys, light up..."

Within the base, as much of their infantry were scattered amoug the battlefield, the loud speak inner com went off within the base. "This is General Washborn of the 5th company!! If there are any more personnel, drop what your doing and head towards the central garage, we need the support NOW!!! Goddammit, is there anyone left? I need...aww SHIT!!!" The General's fears had torn through his eyes, witnessing the oncoming enemy Nightmares, Glasglows by the look of it. WHat made made matters worse, he now stand behind the large screen monitors, witnessing the fall of the two gate anti frame guns. The Entrance was unguarded. The General, had lost.

"General Washborn, Private Vicaro, of the 3rd squad. Me and my remaining team is waiting for your orders...", he stand at attention towards the general, his hands at his side." He is fully aware of what was happening, as he just returns from scouting on foot, the enemy was here. The General turns around towards his back, Eyeing his last hope, "At ease Private, we have work to do", he says with a somewhat reassured face. Perhaps thye might just get out if this yet.

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The battlefront: Lavaris defends the Point
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