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 Luise van Wolfstein

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Commoner TCF
Commoner TCF

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PostSubject: Luise van Wolfstein   Luise van Wolfstein EmptySat Feb 02, 2013 7:27 am

Character Profile

Name: Luise (Lulu) van Wolfstein
Date of Birth: 9th December
Age: 18


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green/Blue
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 52kgs

Your Roleplay class: The Commoner
Nation: Previously from the European Kingdom (Northern Germany), now The Holy Britannian Empire
Nightmare Frame: Not currently available


Luise has a major superiority complex which makes her act very proud, steadfast, cold and tough most of the time. She doesn’t open up easily to other people and hates to speak about herself, especially about her family even though they are to her the most important treasure in the world.

If you happen to know Luise more than just superficially you’ll know that she can also be a very compassionate and relatively sensitive person. Even though you don’t expect it from her, she enjoys accompany of humorous people the most, because they simply fascinate her. This is why she often tries to be funny to be more likable to others.

In overall she tries to be very formal and polite, independent whether it is a higher or lower-ranked comrade, but sometimes fails due to her subconscious boldness.

She is also highly intelligent (fluent in English, Japanese, French and German) and athletic, being a well-known talent among different endurance and combat sports such as fencing and long-distance track races.

Likes: Comedy, sports, noodle dishes, animals (especially penguins and cats), coffee, rock music
Dislikes: Spiders, fish dishes, traitors/liars, Casanovas, being questioned about her skills, heat

Family relatives:
Monika Tsutsugami (Mother/Deceased)
Takeuchi Tsutsugami (Stepfather/Soldier)

Valnar van Wolfstein (Grandfather)
Alaine van Wolfstein (Grandmother)
Asgar van Wolfstein (Biological Father)

History of your Character:

Luise was born into a high-class German family. They lived in a big mansion, together with her father, mother and her grandparents. Already at a young age they discovered her passion for sports, training her early with a lot of fun and excitement. Especially her grandparents supported her and loved her like no other which is why she grew especially attached to them. Her parents were very important business people, up until this day she isn’t quite sure what their actual professions were. Until Luise was 8 years old her life was an accumulation of memories filled with bliss. But a certain incident occurred that tore her family apart.

Her biological mother was unfaithful to her husband and had an affair with a Japanese soldier who stood under the command of the Holy Britannian Empire. Most likely they met through her mother’s job, but the exact details are unknown to her. From then on 2 years of her life only involved a lot of arguments between her parents and one court date after another. Naturally, her mother who wasn’t born into the rich noble family but earned the title through marriage had fewer rights but still she kept and earned the full custody for Luise. Eventually her mother re-married the Japanese soldier by the name of Takeuchi and they moved to Area 11. Luise hated her mother and her new stepfather for doing this to her. They took her away from her true family and away from her homeland because of their selfishness. Eventually her grandparents and her biological father cut off all ties with Luise which caused the young girl to close up entirely and set her only focus on sports and her studies.

Not too long ago, Luises mother passed away. Apparently all these years her mother had been terminally ill but the young girl had distanced herself so much that she hadn’t realized this until the day her parent was brought to the hospital. On her deathbed she apologized to her only daughter, confessing that she had always honestly tried to earn her forgiveness. This was the day that Luise promised to change and be a better person, learning that being unforgiving is a double-edged sword.

At her school Luise is a very popular girl, being athletic and one of the best students. However, she is also very feared at the same time. In the very scarce free-time she has, she teaches misbehaving students a lesson sometimes even with violence. For 3 years she had been the student council president too, but seeing as this is her last year at the academy and that she is supposed to set out to start her career, this will no longer be her occupation. Right now she isn’t sure where to go after she graduates.

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Kuro Ganki

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PostSubject: Re: Luise van Wolfstein   Luise van Wolfstein EmptySat Feb 02, 2013 9:29 am

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Luise van Wolfstein
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