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 Ember - Kasumi Hiõ

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Royalty of The European Kingdom
Royalty of The European Kingdom

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PostSubject: Ember - Kasumi Hiõ   Ember - Kasumi Hiõ EmptyMon May 27, 2013 11:23 am


Model: Ninth Generation: 60 Geass Points +15 to every Stat
Code name: Ember
Accommodation: One pilot, one place to transport someone
Dimensions: 5.5 meters
Weight: 7.2 metric tonnes
Powerplant: Energy filler, replaceable electrical cartridge, uses Yggdrasil drive. Additional solar energy system, can be used in emergencies to move/retreat [not made for combat - wouldn't suffice]
Ember - Kasumi Hiõ B1ec589c86dbbc8358aa60e9364ed748

Equipment and design features:
1 x factsphere open sensor camera
2 x landspinner high-mobility propulsion system(mounted on legs) +5 to Menuverability
1 x cockpit ejection system
Energy Wing System [Red wings]
Blaze Luminous that is mostly used together with the wings. +15 to Durability
[The red wings that can expand on her back, can be used as a defense by wrapping themselves around the frame like a cacoon, or as an attacking devise by sending a shockwave that breaks solid material like bullets and disturbes energy based attacks like for example power based beams and is able to fire pieces of red laser to damage the opponent.]

2 x slash harken (mounted on the arms, each on one) includes sensors that allow them to change direction midflight.
2 x antipersonal guns, located around the collarbone, each on one side, they fire bullets that can be detonated before they hit the target if needed, spreading lots of small but sharp pieces.
One laser based Katana that is attached to its left hip unless used in battle [crimson color].
45 GP

Stat Power:
Durablilty: 20
Menuverability: 35
Flight speed: 45

Total Stat Power:
Durablilty: 35 +15
Menuverability: 50 + 10
Flight speed: 45 + 10

Ember - Kasumi Hiõ 112

Total cost : 60 + 50 + 45 = 155 GP
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Kuro Ganki
Kuro Ganki

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PostSubject: Re: Ember - Kasumi Hiõ   Ember - Kasumi Hiõ EmptyMon May 27, 2013 12:22 pm

Approved, I'll be making seperate item entrys in the item creation center so that weapons and equipment will be better described.

Once you have the Geass Points to buy this it's all yours.
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Ember - Kasumi Hiõ
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