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 The Site Plot [Chapter 1][Please Read]

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The Site Plot [Chapter 1][Please Read] Empty
PostSubject: The Site Plot [Chapter 1][Please Read]   The Site Plot [Chapter 1][Please Read] EmptySun Mar 02, 2014 4:59 pm

Long ago, the world had made first contact with the supernatural. The proprietors that revealed these strange phenomenon were that of seven deities, Geasets, demons that took the shape of men, walked like men, and conquered like no man ever before. Each demon held strange magic that allowed them to perform wonders upon the world. Mountains became valleys, skies were void of storms, and water was ever so abundant. The time they walked the earth was described as the Geasaut Age. Not much of the Geasaut Age is known, however many conspirators have mentioned that their influence upon the world still lingers on today. The many stone cravings and painting give some proof, stone monuments found in Britannia that look like the same hover crafts that are in use of their military, the architecture used in small miniature sculptures of the Geasaut Age bore same distinct details of that of the European Palace. Some theorist say that the strange deities could have been alien. The many claims and skepticism caused many wars in the past, which prompted the world to look on to the future, to forget all that had died in many events due to the research, and beliefs of the Geasets. The events were so powerful, that many began to worship these beliefs. After the year of 2000, The World Order Union, which consist of the three main powers, came to a decision to recognize all other years after 2000 to be known as the ATGA year, After The Geaset Age, and for the previous years to be known as the BGA, Before Geaset Age.    
Today, in the modern time of 2018 ATGA, strange illnesses had occurred across the globe, however the magnitude of these cases were so insignificant, they were classified as a inferior version of sickle cell, having none of the deathly effects as the real sickle cell, none of this information was made public. On top of this, the three main powers of the world, The Chinese Federation, European Kingdom, and The Holy Britannian Empire, are now on the verge of war. The matter of this is due to the newly found Sakuradite vien, located in the heart of Antarctica. so for the first time, Antartica is now on the verge of being claimed for ownership...
What many, in fact almost everyone in the world today have missed, is that the cells that had been effected by this strange case, have taken on shape similar to the same symbols found on Geaset artifacts. The same symbol which is also used to described the world famous myth about a secret organization, who's goal is to bring the world back into the Geasaut Age.
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The Site Plot [Chapter 1][Please Read]
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