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 Geass Rules and Template

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Geass Rules and Template Empty
PostSubject: Geass Rules and Template   Geass Rules and Template EmptySun Jan 20, 2013 6:25 pm


Geass is a supernatural ability which certain people can bestow upon others. Every Geass, while powerful, has its own unique set of restrictions, limitations, or idiosyncrasies(unusual reaction). These factors allow a Geass to be defeated, or its power limited, by someone who is aware of its characteristics. All Geass, regardless of user, appear in only one eye in the initial stages. Eventually, assuming the user lives long enough, the Geass will eventually begin to grow until it shows on both eyes, seemingly as a result of repeated use, or pushing the Geass to exceed its own limits. However, overuse and/or mental instability can lead to an affliction known as "runaway Geass" that causes the user to become unable to control their Geass, making it become permanently active.

First Stage

This is the inital stage that everyone would start with, if their geass power was approved, plus, have made a contract IC. This stage of geass is will also be known as the "Restricted stage", which will only give the user access to half the power of geass. As stated previously, the geass appears in only one of the user's eyes. In order to advance to the next stage, the individual must complete the terms of the contract.

Perfect Stage

In this stage, the user will be able to absorb another's geass code through either killing another person who has geass, or killing the contractor who gave them geass. This stage also grants the user the ability to grant others geass, however, if you grant someone geass it will be the same ability as yours but the restricted version(the person will not be able to advance it to the "Perfect stage").  

Run away Geass

Overuse and/or mental instability can lead to an affliction known as "runaway Geass" that causes the user to become unable to control their Geass, making it become permanently active. This will happen, if the user does not follow through on their end of the deal, through the contract that they made with the Geass Contractor.

Now, if someone were to develop the condition known as "Run away geass", their geass will remain active at all times. The only way stop the geass from remaining active, is to form another agreement on top of the previous agreement, thus extending the contract. Remember, all agreements must be met in order to advance the restricted geass to the perfected geass.


[color=olive]Restricted Version[/color]
[color=red][b]Geass Name:[/b][/color]
[color=red][b]Geass ability:[/b][/color]

Perfect Version[/color]
[color=red][b]Geass Name:[/b][/color]
[color=red][b]Geass ability:[/b][/color]


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Geass Rules and Template
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