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 Ladazar's Geass

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The Wanted Criminal (TEK)
The Wanted Criminal (TEK)

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PostSubject: Ladazar's Geass   Ladazar's Geass EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 5:25 pm

Restricted Version
Geass Name: The Desire
Geass ability: This geass allows the holder to peer into the soul of the target, by looking upon them. Once connected, the holder can know what that person truly desires in life. This appears only in the left eye of the holder.

Limitations/Restrictions: Can only discover what they want in the current topic they are in.
Weakness Can only be used on two people every topic.

Perfect Version

Geass Name: The Knowing
Geass ability: Not only can the user discover what the target wants, but can also see the targets past that led up to their present. The holder can see one past topic that the target was involved in. This fills in the right eye of the holder.

Limitations/Restrictions: They can only see in 1st person view.
Weakness Can only use up to three times within a topic.

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Ladazar's Geass
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