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 Rei Toem's Geass

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Yukoro Rei
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PostSubject: Rei Toem's Geass   Rei Toem's Geass EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 8:47 pm

Restricted Version
Geass Name:The Speed
Geass ability: The Geass manifests in the right eye. The ability of it allows the user to hyper-accelerate all objects within a given radius by manipulating gravitational pull. In its restricted form, the user can only manipulate his body to speed only up to 25 meters while on foot, but up to 15 miles in a Knightmare Frame before becoming tired and can only speed themselves. The purpose of this geass is for combat and outrunning pursuers.

Limitations/Restrictions: Can only use it for 15 Miles, can only be used on self, cannot exceed Mach one speed
Weakness Cannot phase through solid matter

Perfect Version

Geass Name: Phantom Speed
Geass ability: Like all other Geass it manifests in both eyes and has a more powerful version of its predecessor. In this form the user can now speed up certain objects around him as well as phase through certain objects. Now the user can go at a speed that seems as if they are teleporting to and fro.

Limitations/Restrictions: Certain metals cannot be phased through,(anything higher than titanium), body begins to deteriorate slowly
Weakness Life
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Rei Toem's Geass
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