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 Rules for fighting with Nightmares

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PostSubject: Rules for fighting with Nightmares   Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:14 pm

Rules for Fighting with Nightmares

These are just a few simple, bare with them please.

  • Nightmares can be used for traveling, if you cannot fetch a plane, or cant make up a way to travel over seas, then you may use your Nightmare to make the trip.

  • You can't roam around a city with a Nightmare, unless you are a soldier, or if the city is under attack. Also, if you fly your way into a city that you dont belong in, the city defences will activate, sending waves upon waves of huge energy beams that are quite capable of destroying a sheild generator and the mech at the same time. Unless you dont have the access code for entry, dont bother.

  • This is really a respect rule, when a pilot manages to eject out of a Nightmare frame, you must let him/her land on the ground, before you proceed to deal with him. Also, you must start a new topic with him/her, in order to continue the chase.

  • All Nightmares are not bound to you, meaning if you carelessly leave your Nightmare laying around somewhere, with no type of security system, then it can be jacked.

  • More will be add upon request
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Rules for fighting with Nightmares
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