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 The Roleplay Class: The Wanted Criminal

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The Roleplay Class: The Wanted Criminal Empty
PostSubject: The Roleplay Class: The Wanted Criminal   The Roleplay Class: The Wanted Criminal EmptyFri Jan 25, 2013 1:16 pm

In this World, you will be able to pick a certain class that best defines you. There are currently 4 classes to choose from, so choose wisely.

The Wanted Criminal

This class can not only be started with, but also be earned. As this character, you will be able to form Organizations and take on jobs from employers or military factions that would be deemed to high of a risk to become involved in. Yes, Being a criminal and open many doors for you, but the door does swing both ways. If you manage to get on the bad side of a current nation say... The Chinese Federation. They can issue a warrent for your capture, thus closing many doors for you, seeing how the current plot explains that all the current nations are at war with each other. If you manage to piss off every nation, then their is pretty much nowhere for you to run, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL!

The two basic ways of starting off as a Criminal:

These are the two basic ways to escape jail, note that you are being placed in the lower secured part of the prison, seeing how you dont have that big of a record yet , sicne you just started.

  • The first basic way to start as a criminal once you finish your Character app, is to postion yourself in jail. From there, you will RP on how you manage to escape from the holding cells. This post will require atleast 500 words to become approved. Your current objective in this post is to escape the prison, to make your way out of the enemy lands and pass the borders.

    Be creative, make it true enough to allow yourself to jack a Nightmare frame from the Armory.

  • The second way you can get out of jail, is to make a deal with someone. (This is the only chance where someone can OOC ask someone that belongs to the nation to help them). However, if the one guard that helps the inmate escape, and someone else was clever enough to find out, then that guard can be subject to arrest. A risky chance, but profitable to both as they both can have inside connections within the current nation, and the criminal underworld.

There are many ways someone can escape the jail, you just have to be creative is all.
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The Roleplay Class: The Wanted Criminal
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